Comfort Clipboard Pro

Comfort Clipboard Pro 9.3

Enhance your Windows clipboard with unlimited reusable entries

Useful as the Windows clipboard is to store content and reuse it as many times as required without copying it again, the fact that it’s limited to the latest fragment saved makes tools like Comfort Clipboard Pro an absolute need for Windows users. It allows you to store as many clips as you wish, keep them organized, and paste them where and when needed using the drag-and-drop technique.

This excellent and extremely useful tool can store text snippets, URLs, and images, and save them for you even after shutting down your computer. You can favorite any clip in the program’s history, and use its built-in search engine to locate specific data in a snap. Though the program limits the number of items in the history to 500 by default, the program can actually store as many clips as your storage devices can hold.

Items on the list can also be edited, though the edits you can perform on them vary depending on their nature. All items can be named (a must to be able to find images and cryptic URL names via the search function) and assigned a key combination and a background color, you can edit the text within the text snippet or the web address, but you cannot edit the images in your history, though. If you don’t want to waste time describing your images for text-based searches, you can always use the program’s preview capabilities to find the one you were looking for.

As this clipboard manager will save all your clips for later use even after rebooting your computer, it is wise to add a password to it if you happen to store sensitive information there. The program may encrypt your clips and will only decrypt them for reuse once you’ve entered the right password. As an extra backup measure, you can save your clips to file, remove them from the program’s history and load them again from your backup file when needed.

Comfort Clipboard Pro is all you need to make the most of your Windows clipboard. It’s affordable and it’s packed with features that not all clipboard managers can offer.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Paste multiple fragments at once
  • Supports an unlimited number of entries
  • Preview the fragments stored
  • Protect your clips with a password
  • Blacklist programs to disable clipboard
  • Drag and drop clips from the fragments list
  • Edit your text fragments before reusing them


  • Unlike text snippets, stored images cannot be edited
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