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Comfort Clipboard Pro 9.1

Store, copy, and access all the data copied to Windows clipboard
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Comfort Clipboard Pro is a Windows application that allows users to manage the clipboard items of any program. It supports all data formats from any application running, it keeps the clipboard history that can be used to paste a selected object again, and it has a search functionality for you to easily find an object within the list.

Comfort Clipboard interface is a simple window which shows a list of all copied objects. It can be set to be transparent in a vista aero style and it can be set to preview what is being copied. The program offers much more than a simple manager, however: it also helps you clear the system memory since not everything is dumped automatically. Comfort Clipboard actually goes even further, for it offers a “Paste Special” option for texts that are in strange formatting such as HTML or some other copied from the Internet, for you to use them as plain unformatted text. Additionally, it is capable of storing the clipboard information even after you have logged off or turned off the computer. It is also possible to get the HTML code of a web page just by copying the text and inserting it with the HTML special feature.

All these reasons make Comfort Clipboard a unique program, extremely useful for sharing, deleting and handling copied objects between applications.

Max Santillana
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  • Saves and deletes copied items
  • Makes copied items available between apps
  • Strips format from text
  • Copies HTML code from browsers


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